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“If you don’t have good service, you don’t have anything! Service is everything.”

– Edward O’Herlihy, Owner of EQ


Service is not just selling you something. Service is about good communication, attention to detail, high levels of ongoing support, and an added touch of white-glove service that a client really wants. Knowing this, we’re not happy until you are happy!

Our unmatched level of customer interaction is what makes us the number one choice for premium products and premium service.


Whether you are looking at our ultra-premium luxury lines or looking to buy a more modest piece of A/V gear, we take the time to research and experience every brand we carry. You don’t want the headache and disappointment of having to replace or return gear, and of course, neither do we!

Our carefully curated product lineup has been selected, experienced, and tested with our expert and professional knowledge before being presented to you.


Beautifully detailed listings, high-quality photos, easy navigation, all specifications and information right in front of you is just the beginning!

Our E-commerce experience is second to none.

What really makes our online store number one in the Hi-Fi and A/V industry is our next-level support throughout the ordering and shipping process. Quick response times, good communication, and updates when you need them, you will never be left waiting or wondering. Questions about a product in the store? Email us or Call us anytime!


Let our experience create an enjoyable experience for you! There are many ways we accomplish this. Friendly and fun personalities, professionalism at its finest, punctuality and reliability, but most importantly, we listen to you.

Tell us what you want and we will help you achieve that goal.

You will never, ever have to endure a pushy salesman at EQ. We carry the deepest and most versatile product lineup anywhere in Canada. This gives us the ability to recommend the best and most accurate fit for your needs, preferences and budget. The white gloves are always on at EQ!


We will always take the extra time up front to make the right recommendation for you, while remaining within your budget. Honesty and enthusiasm is quickly apparent when you are working with the EQ team!

It is our mission that all of our customers become customers for life! Listen to your needs. Respect your home. Be on-time. Accountability. We are there for you when you need us!